Yes, you can pause your membership in your "Membership and Billing" settings.

It is possible to pause your membership for a minimum of 1 month. Alternatively you can cancel your memberhsip and start a new one on a day which suits you. 

The pause function starts automatically once you click pause. You can unpause your membership whenever you want. You won't get any refund for the remaining days within your billing cycle. Once you unpause your membership your renewal date will change to the day you unpause your membership.

E.g. Renewal date: 15.3. If you decide to pause on the 1.3. the pausing starts immediately. When you decide on the 1.4. to unpause your membership again, your new billing cycle starts on the 1.4. and payment is due.  

Please note: In some cases the membership disappears from your plan and you cannot unpause it. Please send us an email ( and we will help you out.