Free trial & payment

If you are a new user, we offer 3 trial tickets when creating a profile. This means we don't need payment details.

Unlimited Plans

Our unlimited plans renew monthly and allow you to book as many workouts as you like. They are especially suited for power users who love to visit our workouts more than twice per week. 

In case you are only interested in using our online streams we offer a cheaper Unlimited Online Plan. This plan only allows you to book unlimited online workouts. To participate in our indoor, outdoor, or ride workouts you will need to upgrade your plan or buy a separate ticket package (see below).

Basic (4 workouts) and Standard (8 workouts) Plan 

Our basic and standard plans are perfect to start out with BEAT81. They only allow you to visit our workouts 4 or 8 times per month. You can use your 4 or 8 workouts on any workout we offer. These plans renew monthly. Unused workouts from the previous month cannot be carried over to the next. 

Flexible Ticket Plans

Our flexible ticket plans are one-time purchases and grant you access to either 1, 5, or 10 workouts. This means that they do not renew automatically and that you need to purchase a new package when you have used up your previous one. You can use the workouts from your Flexible Plan for 6 months on any of the workouts we offer.

Flexible tickets are great to temporarily "upgrade" our monthly plans and perfect for users with irregular schedules.