To participate in our online classes you will need the following:

1. A booking

You can book our online classes just like any other BEAT81 class.

Exception: Customers who train with us via one of our partners need to book online classes through their app instead of the BEAT81 platform. 

2. A computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

We stream our live online classes using Zoom. 

Zoom is a video calling software that will give you access to our live streams via a link.

Most modern devices work with Zoom, but we recommend installing the dedicated Zoom app and checking here if your device is able to use Zoom

Follow these steps to open the stream:

1. Open your booking in the BEAT81 app or on our website

2. Click on "Go to Online Workout"

3. Follow Zoom's instructions on your screen to open the Zoom app

4. Join the workout with your Audio and activate the Camera (if you like to get the real group feeling)

5. Enjoy the workout! 

Additional recommendations:

We also recommend preparing your location (e.g. your living room) before the workout:

- Ensure you have enough space (1-2m to each side) 

- Have a couch or chair in the room 

- Bring a water bottle for drinking

- Bring a towel (larger is better)

- Bring 2x light weights (filled 1l water bottles or dumbbells)

- Bring 1x heavy weight (backpack filled with books or kettlebell)